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“Everyone at Dr. Henriod’s office is extremely helpful and friendly. Dr. Henriod is very knowledgeable and truly cares about his patients. The love he has for his job comes through when he talks to you. I don’t know any other doctor that calls you the weekend after your surgery to check on you and the recovery so far.”



“I was referred by a dentist in Arcadia almost 10 years ago. The condition of my mouth was very poor. I had traveled constantly in my business, had no general practitioner and had neglected my teeth and dental health.

“From my initial visit I was sold on Dr. Miller and his entire staff – he was not only very professional but his manner was concerned, kind and caring. I like and appreciate their professionalism, attitude and empathy. When I come to the office for cleanings, exams, or a procedure, I always feel very comfortable and at ease.

“When I am here I have every confidence that I am in very good hands and by that, I mean Dr. Miler and Dr. Henriod, but also my hygienist Monica and the entire staff – nurses, assistants and office. Over the years I feel that Dr. Henriod and Dr. Miller have helped save most of my teeth, taught me the proper techniques to maintain excellent dental health, and when an implant was required, made the whole process unintimidating and positive.”



“I went for a second opinion regarding an extraction that I was told I needed. I also asked about the removal of a growth on my gum that my previous surgeon wouldn’t touch. I was quickly convinced that Dr. Henriod was the best choice for doing the extraction, implant and removal of the growth on my gums. Dr. Henriod assured me and made me feel less stressed about losing a tooth in the front of my mouth. He gave me a clear explanation of what to expect, and during the extraction, Dr. Henriod allowed my husband to be in the room with me, which was very comforting. After the implant was placed, Dr. Henriod saw me several times to make sure the healing was going well.

“One of the outstanding reasons I like this dental practice is because the staff is treated as partners, the way Dr. Henriod speaks to staff is always with high regard for making things run smoothly and successfully. Dr. Henriod put me at ease and was so thorough in explaining to me and my husband exactly why the procedure was necessary and how it would be done! The office staff and their obvious caring for me as a patient; the reminders, flexibility with appointment changes, and everyone’s friendliness. I am less freaked about dental work. I am, as my son puts it jokingly, “dentally challenged.” My husband and I are very impressed with the advanced X-ray equipment and tools that Dr. Henriod uses.”



“Dr. Miller is the nicest guy in the whole world. He knows his craft from top to bottom. Plus, towards the end he used a new technique that quickened recovery time. Everyone is very professional, willing to listen and answer my questions. My smile has come back, and my self-confidence is boosted. I will refer them to all of my friends and family.

“I had periodontal disease and receding gums. What I liked about the treatment was that Dr. Miller had a solution to my issue and my condition could be fixed. Dr. Miller has the best bedside manner that I’ve ever experienced. He filled me in every step of the way. Very professional, and the facility is very clean and not intimidating at all. All staff from the front to back are so nice! The dental assistance is the best in Pasadena. Dr. Miller is in a class all his own.

“The benefits of my treatment will help me keep my teeth, plus I have more self-confidence now that my gums are back in shape. Dr. Miller and his staff make going to the dentist enjoyable – believe it or not. I really cannot say enough good things about this office.”



“As an old infantry soldier of WWII, I had neglected proper care of my teeth for many, many months. Thus, my teeth were in very poor condition. Dr. Miller provided high-quality implant surgery amidst an atmosphere that was patient and friendly. At the age of 88 I am now enjoying the benefits of the wonderful, state-of-the-art dental work that Dr. Miller and his staff have provided me for more than 25 years.

“It was my good fortune to have been referred to Dr. Miller by my general dentist, Dr. J.B. Singleton, more than 25 years ago for implant surgery. Over the course of 15 years, I have had numerous implants done. Dr. Miller’s patient-friendly attitude is also reflected in his staff – from his office receptionists, his dental assistants, his dental hygienists and his new partner Dr. Joel Henriod. The staff has a wonderful attitude, and carry the four C’s – highly competent, caring, compassionate and calming. Dr. Miller must be commended for his state-of-the-art techniques as the art of implant surgery has progressed over the years. My original implants of more than 25 years ago have held up beautifully. Thank you.”



“This office is patient-oriented from phone calls, to reception, to hygienist, and the dentist himself. I have come to this office for 30 years. It’s the best, and I recommend it to anyone. Dr. Henriod and Dr. Miller provide professional quality service and have given me a beautiful smile.”



“My gums receded and showed the metal of my crown. I came to Dr. Henriod because I had heard they were the best in their field. Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Henriod, I’m now able to smile with confidence.

“I suffered from fibromyalgia and thought that I would be in a lot of pain after the surgery, but to my surprise, I only had to take one over-the-counter pain medication. I love the way everybody made this experience painless! Dr. Henriod explains the procedure step-by-step in an easy-to-understand language. Now I can smile with confidence. I absolutely recommend him. Thank you Dr. Henriod!”



“I had issues with a pocket surrounding my back molar. Dr. Henriod made me feel really comfortable and I knew he’d do a great job. I never feel rushed with Dr. Henriod, and I like that he gives me unlimited time.

“When I first met Dr. Henriod at my consultation, I was really impressed with how friendly and professional he was. He really took the time to describe what the procedure would entail and answered all my questions. I’m naturally a very nervous and anxious person when it comes to having dental work done, but Dr. Henriod really made me feel comfortable. During the procedure, he was very gentle and took the time to ask if I was doing okay.

“I’ve never felt rushed at any of my appointments with Dr. Henriod and I can tell he treats his patients with so much care and respect. He’s very down to earth and endearing. The front staff and hygienists are also very kind and professional. The office is super clean, has flexible hours, a convenient location, and really friendly people. They always greet me with a smile and ask how my day is. My gum pocket has gotten smaller and it’s easier to clean.”



“My gums were receding, and I needed treatment to prevent it from worsening. The doctors are very competent, professional, patient, thorough and passionate about their work. It’s a very friendly and relaxing atmosphere, and the staff are very accommodating.

“My gums are a lot healthier and strong, and the treatment has given me a better smile. Dr. Henriod performed the gum graft, and I had a great experience during the treatment. It was pain-free and recovery was quick. The treatment gave me stronger gums and a better smile.”



“Dr. Henriod has a friendly, patient manner and always makes sure you’re comfortable and informed about the suggested treatments and procedures. The office is convenient and makes scheduling appointments easy. Now I have a completely healthy mouth and smile that I don’t have to be self-conscious about.

“I doubt anyone’s favorite thing to do is go to the doctor or dentist, but Dr. Henriod made me so calm and comfortable during my visits and surgery. I had a receding gum line on one tooth, and Dr. Henriod always made sure I was well informed of the procedure, what it entailed, and the recovery process. He never left me guessing what he was doing. The surgery was quick and pretty much painless.

“Dr. Henriod uses an innovative technique, which made the recovery process much easier. Everyone at Dr. Henriod’s office is extremely helpful and friendly. Dr. Henriod is very knowledgeable and truly cares about his patients. The love he has for his job comes through when he talks to you. I don’t know any other doctor that calls you the weekend after your surgery to check on you and the recovery so far. He even left me his cell phone number in case I had any problems or questions over the weekend.”



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