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Cosmetic Gum Treatment in Pasadena

Gentle Laser Treatment

Cosmetic gum treatment, also referred to as gingival sculpting or gingivoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that reshapes your gum line. It’s used to fix a gummy smile, teeth that appear too small, or even out a gum line with gentle laser treatment. It can also be used for medical purposes such as receding gums and treatment for enlarged or swollen gums.

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Fix a gummy smile or even out a gum line with gentle laser treatment

When needed, Dr. Henriod and Dr. Hendry use gentle and safe laser surgery to change the appearance of a patient’s smile. Gummy smiles or uneven gum lines can be treated quickly and easily with the dental laser.

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Beautify your smile!

Gum grafting and laser gum treatment can be used to help beautify a smile. If you are interested in learning more about Cosmetic Gum Treatment, we are equipped to answer any concerns or questions. Receding gums can be repaired easily and comfortably with our state-of-the-art non-surgical method.

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Your Concerns and Our Treatments

Esthetic Crown Lengthening for gummy smiles or short teeth

Gummy smile treatment does not just rely on lasers. Please modify to say something like: When teeth appear too short, or too much gum shows when smiling, esthetic crown lengthening remove extra gum tissue and reveals the hidden enamel below the gum. Special instruments including a soft tissue laser are used to remove the excess gum tissue and revealing the beautiful smile below. This procedure is done with some veneer treatments when the teeth appear too small.

Take a look at our Before & Afters to see real patient transformations!

Gum Recontouring to even out your gum line

Using the same type of procedure as crown lengthening, we remove gum tissue and reshape bone tissue around the teeth that are out of alignment with the rest of the gum line. Gum recontouring m be needed in some cases where veneers are planned.

Connective-tissue grafts

A common procedure used to restore an exposed tooth root is a connective-tissue graft. First, a small section of skin is removed from the roof of your mouth (palate). Then, the connective tissue from beneath the surface is removed. Finally, the tissue is stitched to the gum around the exposed root.

Treatment for enlarged or swollen gums

Some medications or genetic conditions cause gums to overgrow, a condition called gingival hyperplasia. The extra gum tissue can be unsightly, and creates a bumpy texture that is hard to clean. Treatment usually requires removing the excess gum tissue, adjusting any medications with gum overgrowth as a side effect, and meticulous hygiene to minimize gum inflammation.

Other Concerns: Gaps and Frenectomies

Close the gap!

A gap between the top front teeth can be caused by a thick piece of gum tissue called a frenum. The frenum normally sits above the gum line, but in some cases sits lower and pushes the front teeth apart. Dr. Hendry and Dr. Henriod can perform a frenectomy to remove this tissue, and minimize the chance of the gap returning after orthodontic treatment.

Frenectomies for tongue-tied patients

At times the tongue is tethered too tightly to the lower front teeth. A Lingual (tongue side) Frenectomy removes the frenum under the tongue when it is impeding tongue movement or speech.

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