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4 Dental Tools We Use to Help Patients Enjoy a Pain-Free Procedure

May 14, 2021

At Pasadena Periodontics, we know that not everyone feels at ease when visiting the dentist. In fact, studies show that more than one in every three people experiences some level of dental anxiety, and that anxiety is often associated with fear of pain. In order to create the most comfortable and welcoming environment possible for our patients who suffer from dental anxiety, we utilize the latest in dental technology to deliver fast, simple, and pain-free procedures. If you’re someone who gets massive anxiety before every dental appointment or who avoids the dentist altogether because of dental anxiety, read on to learn about the tools we use to ensure that you maintain great oral health without undergoing any pain.  

Diode Laser

Laser technology has revolutionized dentistry by allowing for faster, safer, and more accurate dental procedures that help to avoid unnecessary pain. With a diode laser, we can treat inflamed or bleeding gums, kill gum-disease-causing bacteria, and provide restorative dental procedures with minimal pain and a reduced healing time. These lasers are extremely precise, so we are able to treat only the affected area of your mouth and leave healthy surrounding tissue (which is often affected by traditional procedures) perfectly intact. With a diode laser, bleeding and discomfort is kept to a minimum and healing is significantly faster.

CBCT Kodak CT Stream 9300

Before we perform any procedure, it’s important that we acquire an accurate image of your mouth. With this image, we can create a precise plan ahead of time, which will help us avoid unnecessary damage to healthy areas of the mouth. With the CBCT Kodak CT Stream 9300, our doctors are able to take advantage of 3D technology in order to create a detailed image of the mouth that makes accurately planning a pain-free procedure easier than ever before.

Computerized Anesthetic

The use of anesthetics has long been an effective way for dentists to reduce the amount of pain their patients experience during and after a procedure. With The Wand—a computer-controlled, local-anesthesia delivery system—that process is easier and more effective than ever. The Wand removes any need for needles and delivers numbing agents with extreme accuracy. This technology is able to numb just one tooth, which means you won’t have to deal with the uncomfortable feeling of having an entire section of your mouth numbed for a single-tooth procedure.

Ultrasonic Scaler

Scaling and root planing is a common procedure intended to clean your teeth and smooth the surfaces of your roots. Usually, it’s performed with a metal instrument known as a dental scaler. This tool may be effective, but it can also cause some pain to your sensitive mouth. The ultrasonic scaler treats your teeth and gums using low-frequency sound waves. This tool removes plaque, tartar, and deep stains in the teeth both faster and with far less discomfort than the traditional sharp metal scaler.With all this advanced technology, you no longer have to avoid professional dental cleanings or procedures for fear of pain during or after the procedure. Of course, the friendly team at Pasadena Periodontics helps, too!

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